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Who are we - and are we legal?


Gamesplanet3d和值为走势图带连线 is a games download website based in the UK, France and Germany. We are not new to the field of digital distribution; we have been an official licensed reseller since 2006. Our team consists of real gamers and we hope that you can see that in our offers and friendly support :-)


Our service is legal - all of our keys come directly from the Publisher. A portion of the money that you pay for the games (not to mention the lion's share) will go to the Publisher. All the games we sell are with their express permission. With us you never have to use proxy servers to activate your game, and will never get presents from Russia or Steam gifts - and therefore you don't need to worry that your key will be blocked.


Yes. Payment is made through renowned online payment providers (PayPal, Bitcoins etc). All our pages where you are asked to enter personal information or credit card data are .

SSL Report Gamesplanet


Yes, you can order our products from wherever you are in the world. The Internet has no borders for Games(planet).
If you want to know if a game has any region restrictions, you can find that out in the box with the orange border on the game's page. If there is no box, there are no restrictions. But feel free to ask us anyway - we can confirm region restrictions for each game at our website.


3d和值为走势图带连线no, you'll never have to use a vpn to purchase something from gamesplanet. activations mostly work worldwide, but some exceptions may apply. if a game does have an activation restriction we'll inform you via the store's product page (seen via an orange notice box above the game description). if you did purchase a key which can't be activated in your region, don't worry! we won't leave you behind and will be glad to issue a refund for you.


At Gamesplanet you will only receive official activation keys for your own gaming account or to send along to a friend. When you buy official keys at our shop, you also support the game publishers and developers.
Buying official activation keys avoids any trouble with Steam gifts purchased outside of Steam. Sometimes those Steam gifts require the use of a VPN, and could put your Steam account at risk or get your game blocked!

As an official Reseller we want to ensure that publishers and developers get paid properly! From a Steam gift they would not receive any money for the sale, which they need of course to release new games in the future.
In addition, we don't want your steam account to be put at risk or disabled - you should play your games without restrictions! There is zero risk when activating your games from Gamesplanet.


Our store has a contract with each of the game's publishers; we sell games on their behalf with their permission. We take a small portion of the sale to pay our hard working staff and to keep Gamesplanet fully operational. We send the lions share to the publisher who in turn pays the Game developers. Because of this, Gamesplanet and you are supporting the gaming industry so that they can continue to develop new and exciting games! That's the reason you will always get your pre order and pre load keys on time3d和值为走势图带连线 directly from the game's publisher.

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